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Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank

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What do you know about Black women and breast cancer? Do you know that:

1) We are 40% more likely than White women to die from the disease?

2) We are quickly catching up with White women to have the highest risk rate for breast cancer?

3) Women get breast cancer differently based on their race, and the treatments can affect us very differently too?

Scientific researchers want to know more about how African Americans get breast cancer. The Komen Tissue Bank, part of Indiana University, is the only tissue bank in the world that collects healthy breast tissue from women without breast cancer, to be used in scientific research to help minority women. If you are a minority woman with no sign of breast cancer, please consider donating your breast tissue on Saturday, November 16th, 2019.

See the Komen Tissue Bank table in the Narthex (until Nov. 10th) or contact Kathi Ridley-Merriweather,  , 317-319-6337.