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I love my church because we are led by the Bible, and we are the friendliest church I know.

Sue Cosper
member since 1972

I love my church because we have a Pastor that loves the Lord, and he preaches it all the time. He loves his church, and his family. I feel loved by my church family.

Dee Dee Harris
member since 2011

I love my church, everyone is friendly. Pastor Hampton teaches a relevant word.

Salome Goodman
member since 2014

We love the friendliness of the people, and the outreach ministries. The congregation is very welcoming. You receive love as soon as you walk through the door. Members are encouraged to use their gifts. We love the wholeness and the fellowship.

Dacia Hartz and Min. Carmen Jennings
members since July 2014

We love the people, the relationships built here at Light of the World, it’s family. LWCC is a big church, with a small church feel.

Tony and Bernadette Harris
members since 2011

Light of the World, is a loving church. I distinctly remember the love that was expressed from the ushers the very first time I came. I felt very welcome. I also love the biblical teaching, for me it started with Bishop Benjamin, and continues today through Pastor Hampton. Members are taught The Word and then encouraged to also read and study on their own.

Judy Griffin
member since 1983

We love the youth fellowship and Bible study. We especially love how we connect as a family.

Tremayn Hatcher, age 14 and Isaiah O'Neal, age 16
lifelong members

Light of the World is so full of love. The members have love for one another, and love for the community.

Sheila Trigg
member since 1976

I love the Disciples of Christ denomination. I love Pastor Hampton, and his family. My wife and I enjoy the warmth and fellowship of the congregation. We are both excited to be in the service of the Lord.

William Wilburne
member since May 2014


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