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Sunday Shout-Out Videos

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Sunday Shout-Out Videos

This is an opportunity to have you and/or your family members send in a cell phone/tablet video with a short Sunday Shout Out greeting to the congregation.

For example:

  • 'Good Morning Light of the World, miss you all, can't wait to see you again"...
  • "Good Morning LWCC this is the……family, we miss you",
  • "Hello, this is __________...can’t wait to see everyone soon....Have a blessed week!"

The mood should be upbeat and cheerful, feel free to be creative.  The overall idea is to let our church family see each other and feel connected. Please see the submission guidelines:

Submission Guidelines for LWCC Sunday Shout Out Video

  1. Make sure to film your segment in landscape mode (turn the camera horizontally and not vertically).


  1. Before recording, make sure you record in a quiet location with little to no background noise and with ample light.


  1. While recording, make sure to speak, loud and clear…and SMILE!


  1. Please record several “takes” (versions) of your Sunday Shout Out and choose your best one to send in.


  1. Keep your shout out video to 15 seconds or less.


  1. To send completed shout out video: