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Requisition Form

If you would like to download an adobe acrobat compatible version of our Space Requisition Form, you are welcome to do so by opening the link and saving a completed version to your device and either e-mailing or printing off the finished document to the Chief Financial Officer. Otherwise, please fill out the form below in its entirety for consideration of your request.

Requisition Form

All requests should be made at minimum three weeks prior to the event.

( )   -

Please indicate alternative location if the room/space you desire is not listed.

Provide rendering of set up on the worship center use form

Please indicate the following:*

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Media Services may be at an additional fee. Please see Media Director to ensure rooms are equipped to handle the requested equipment.

Types of Media Available

Please note, all rooms are not equipped to support all media types. All requests are contingent upon space set-up.

Please indicate any specific information regarding your media request here. (i.e. music selection to be played after PowerPoint ends, etc.)

Approval must be received from both the Director and the Chief Operating Officer.

Attached copy of valid Driver's License

Location of Event


Worship Center (Sanctuary) Use

All requests should be made four weeks prior to the event.

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If you have an image depiction of the layout you prefer, please upload it here.

Kitchen Supplies

All tablecloths, dinnerware, chafing equipment, supplies are to be furnished by the event holder/caterer. With the exception of the above mentioned supplies, kitchen equipment is not to be used.

Chapel Use Form

All requests should be made 4 weeks prior to the event.

Media Services will assess your audio/visual needs and determine what level technical service is required. Appropriate staff will be on site to run the event. Please outline above your specific needs as it relates to sound, lighting, projection, taping, etc.

Light of the World Christian Church Requisition Procedures

A church-wide events/room use calendar is maintained by the Chief Operating Officer (COO).  When considering the use of a room, maintenance, media or transportation services, please check availability prior to completing the required paper work.  If the rooms requested and designated services are available for the date specified and the Requisition Form is completed properly, the COO will record the event in the church-wide calendar and an email confirmation will be sent.  

This procedure is the only method for getting a room and date reserved on the calendar.  All requests will be processed in the order received.  Approvals will be reviewed and returned within 72 hours of receipt by the COO.


Once an available date is identified for your request, submit a Requisition Form to the designated person (Ministry Director or Chief Operating Officer). Hard copies of the form and supporting materials are available outside the office of the Facility Manager on the second floor of the church or online at lovelwcc.org under the Space Rental tab.  The Requisition Form must be completed in its entirety to request a room or service.  If Maintenance or Media Services are required, the request should be made at the time of the room request on the same form.  


  • To reserve the Worship Center, a request must be submitted no later than 4 weeks prior to the date of intended use.  A Worship Center Use form must be form must be submitted at the same time.
  • All other room request must be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the event.

Only *basic room set-up needs will be provided for church activities and meetings.  Any set-up required beyond the basic set-up specified in these procedures and supporting forms will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the event or meeting (with the exception of the Worship Center). At no time may items be removed from other rooms that are set up for other events and/or without the permission of the Facilities Manager.

*Basic Room Set Up is defined as follows: Chairs and tables will be placed in the room. The arrangement of the furniture will be the responsibility of the event host. After the event, it is the responsibility of the event host to return the room to the way it was prior to the event. Failure to comply may impact future use.

Set up needs for the use of the Worship Center will be addressed on Page 2 of the Requisition Form titled Worship Center Use Form and must be completed at the time of the request.

Page 3 of the Requisition Form titled Chapel Use Form will need to be completed at the time of the request.  At no time will food or drink be allowed in the Chapel. Decorations are limited to those without glitter.

Use of Facility:  At no time will the building be used without a signed Requisition Form or a written confirmation from the COO.

Contacting Church Servant Leaders:  In some cases, there may be a need to contact the Servant Leader or Director who is in charge of the ministry most closely related to the event for assistance in planning.  

Events in Which Food Will are Served:  At no time will drinks that are red in color be permitted in any part of the facility.

Recurring Meetings:  One form will suffice for meetings that recur several days in a row, on a weekly basis, or on a monthly basis if set-up for each recurrence is identical.  If set-up is different on different dates, then a Requisitions Form must be submitted for each day where set-up is different. Meetings that recur throughout a ministry years must be resubmitted annually (ministry calendar year runs from January 1 to December 31).

Decorations and/or Significant Set-Up:  The person in charge of the event is responsible for significant set-up and decorations.  No plants or decorations are to be moved from their current locations without the permission and assistance of the Light by Design Ministry.  Posters and fliers may only be placed in pre-selected areas throughout the building and must be discarded immediately after the event.  At no time will decorations with glitter or confetti be allowed in the Worship Center or Chapel.   Improperly posted fliers will be removed immediately and discarded.  Due to fire safety laws, nothing may be hung from the ceilings.  Hallways, exits and stairwells must remain cleared of furniture and decoration at all times.

After Hours Events and/or Set-Up:  If any part of an event, set-up, or clean-up will occur outside of normal business hours (10:00 am to 4:00 pm), Monday through Friday, the Facilities Manager will need to be notified to open and/or lock the building.  

Security: Arrangement of Security is at the discretion of the Facilities Manager when required.

Worship Center Use:   For use of this area, needs such as sound, lighting, staging, etc., a Worship Center Use Form is to be submitted along with the Requisition.

Certificate of Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance is required for building use by any outside organization.

Approved Caters:  A list of LWCC approved caters is maintained by the Chief Operating Officers.  All outside caters must be licensed and insured.  A valid license and Certificate of Insurance will be required at the signing of the Rental Agreement.

Kitchen Supplies:  For kitchen supply needs, the Equipment/Supplies Needed section of Page 2 must be completed & submitted along with the Requisition Form.

Facility Layout:  The coordinators of your event should be familiar with the layout of the facility before the time of the event.  

Cancellations:  Please inform the COO if rooms previously requested are no longer needed.  Providing this information as soon as possible will allow others to request space and prevent unneeded set-up work to be done by facilities services.

Outside Use:  All weddings, funerals, concerts and all other outside events must have a contract outlining the terms of use.

Clean-Up: It is not the responsibility of the facility services to clean up after your event.  PLEASE be sure to restore the rooms and facility to the condition in which they were found before the meeting/event.  Wipe tables, remove trash to the designated area next to the kitchen, replace bags in trash with liners found in the bottom of the cans, and remove all materials, advertisements & decorations. 

Facility Rental Agreement: A contractual agreement outlining building use and audio/visual needs must be signed by all parties within 2 weeks after approval date of Requisition Form.